HeatNet Boiler Control

HeatNet is Smith Cast Iron Boilers’ integrated boiler control platform which provides ultimate energy optimization of Series 28 and 28HE RTS water boilers with full modulation burners. This proprietary state-of-the-art boiler management system provides precise system control and system performance feedback through digital communication.

Developed and manufactured exclusively for Smith Cast Iron Boilers, HeatNet provides an intuitive interface with plug-and-play connections to speed the set-up and diagnostic process for installing contractors. Heat Net is capable of operating units as a stand-alone boiler, multi-boiler Master/Member network protocol of up to 16 boilers or boilers connected to an existing Boiler Management System. The network can also incorporate mixed configurations of condensing and non-condensing boilers operating in a base load or hybrid boiler application without the need for an additional third party wall-mounted control platform .

HeatNet “learns” the applications optimal firing rates by using microprocessor electronics to monitor time-average responses based on actual usage to determine the load for the system for optimal energy efficiency. Standard Heat Net controls use a Modbus protocol with optional protocessor boards for BACnet and Lon Works based building management systems. Typical master/member systems using 2, 3 or 4 boiler configurations can see a total turndown ratio of 6, 9, or even 12:1!

The new HeatNet control platform for Smith Cast Iron Boilers provides innovative solutions for not only new but existing applications looking to maximize their performance.


Examples of HeatNet Control screens
HeatNet can be used to link multiple boilers of various types in parallel to a building management system and sensors.
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