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Mills Power-burner Boiler, Fired with Oil, Gas or Both

Smith Mills cast iron boilers are ideal in commercial applications for either hot water or steam heating systems. Available in 33 sizes from 1,160 to 13,970 MBH with high efficiencies.

All Mills feature a unique water tube design where each individual section can be isolated and taken out of service while the boiler can remain on-line and ready for service. This provides an inherent redundancy for fail-safe service.

Mills Boiler Features

  • Rugged cast iron heat exchanger sections
  • Cast iron top supply drum and bottom return drums
  • Steel machine threaded pipe nipples connecting each section to the supply and return drums
  • Ceramic fiber flue gas rope seals reduce assembly time and require no special assembly tools
  • Foundation front plate cut and tapped
  • Pre-cast combustion chamber complete with insulating (refractor) blocks
  • A front and rear observation ports to visually inspect the flame and combustion chamber
  • Easy-to-remove, front access door and rear access covers for quick and easy boiler cleaning
  • Side mounted tankless coil domestic water heaters (when provided) for easy inspection and/or replacement
  • Return yoke with flexible seals to even distribute return water or steam condensate
  • Choice of burners with a wide array of controls (when provided)
  • Both natural draft and induced draft fan applications

Combustion Air System Improve your boiler efficiency while cutting your outside air louver size by 70 to 80% while maintaining an ideal boiler room environment

All Boilers

  • Cast iron sections tested for 80 psi (water) and 15 psi (steam)
  • ASME safety relief valve
  • Hi-limit manual reset control
  • Operating temperature or pressure control
  • Low water cut-off with piping and water gauge glass
  • Drain valves
  • Insulated metal jacket

Water Boilers

  • Temperature and pressure gauges

Steam Boilers

  • Steam pressure gauge

  • Tankless coil domestic water heaters
  • Induced draft fans
  • CSD-1, FM and IRI fuel trains
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