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Return Temperature Stabilizer

The Problem:

Heating systems cycle-off when a facility is unoccupied to conserve fuel and save money. During this time, the water in the system cools. Re-introducing this cold water causes uneven boiler expansion/contraction, stressing the material which can lead to failure.

The Answer:
Smith Boilers with Return Temperature Stabilization

Smith's flexible iron in combination with our Return Temperature Stabilizer equalize water temperatures to minimize stress and extend boiler life.

How it Works

Return Temperature Stabilizer prevents thermal shock and extends the life of the boiler
  1. Even distribution of cold water over all boiler sections Cold return water is distributed into all boiler sections concurrently through a tube running through the upper port
  2. Return water passes heated water Return water cascades past the heated water in the upper section
  3. water heated to output temperatures Heating the water to output temperatures is accelerated and tempered through each section
  4. Thermal shock is avoided by recirculating warmer water As heated water circulates through the main section, it offsets thermal shock caused by the introduction of cold return water

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Return Temperature Stabilizer

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RTS 28HE Misc

  • no blend pumps
  • no manual or thermostatic by-pass
  • no additional controls
  • self-modulating, no adjustments needed
  • simple installation
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