Smith Cast Iron Boilers

Since 1853 the name Smith has been synonymous with hydronic heating equipment, specifically cast-iron boilers, in both the residential and commercial building markets.

Previously known as the HB Smith Company, foundry owners and brothers Henry and Edwin Smith began manufacturing heating boilers in downtown Westfield, Massachusetts adjacent to their cast iron foundry operations.

HB Smith is best known in the commercial boiler market by their creation of the first sectional cast iron boiler that allowed “sections” to be isolated and repaired without losing overall boiler functionality. The legendary Mills boiler was invented my John Mills and was found in almost every large commercial building throughout the Northeast and Midwest including schools, universities, hospitals, churches and other large manufacturing facilities requiring substantial heating BTUs. Today, Smith is best known for its Series 28HE and 19HE steam and hot water boilers.

In 1990 HB Smith entered into an exclusive agreement with Mestek owned Smith Cast Iron Boilers to be sole provider of Smith Cast Iron Boilers eliminating the “HB” from the marketed product offering. At the time Mestek, Inc., was best known for being the #1 distributor of copper fin-tube baseboard radiation, which allowed them to increase the overall distribution of Smith Cast Iron boilers essentially overnight. Under the Smith Cast Iron Boiler company boiler production increased substantially covering not only commercial boilers but also dramatically increasing residential boiler sales.

The HB Smith cast iron foundry continued pouring iron until 1992 when operations ceased and moved to Boyertown, Pennsylvania home to the Boyertown Foundry Company where Mestek already had an existing ownership interest. Eventually Mestek, Inc., became the majority stakeholder in the Boyertown Foundry Company where it continues to pour iron today for several boiler manufacturer’s including Smith Cast Iron Boilers.